Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
The rich chocolate
taste is in my mouth

The powerful lion of all
ran with all his might

The cheetah runs in
one jump to get his food

The penguin swims
in water so cold but
he does not shiver

The big bow the string
I pull back with my
two fingers and
guess where it was

The penguin swims down hundreds
of feet but no time at all one
fiip of a wing up on the snow

The slithering the slidings so thick
and long and see a mouse
gulps it down

I wrote more short poems.

Book Review

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A boy who goes to Hogwarts. His fifth year. He has adventures, occlumency lessons with Snape, dark arts teacher is weird. It's like she is his enemy. Ron a quidditch keeper. Someone haunting his dreams, different stuff happens to Harry Potter. The best thing about the book is Voldemort is looking for the prophecy but never gets it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
The roar of the lions
go across the jungle

The old sea where
the seals swim

The book opens begins
a new story

The eagle flew
with one flap of
its restless wings

The alligator gave
a snap at the fish

The eagle flies sees
every bit of the village
down there

Way across the world the seas
are landing safely on the beach

Cheetahs run with tired legs
far away in their land

I felt like writing these poems; I just felt writing something short for a nice day.



This poem is about my summer camp.

Kidnap is what I never did
Ecstasy is how I am
Nature is what I like
North America is what I like
Teach poetry is a hobby
Hear good stuff about me

Knowledge about poetry
Original poetry I have hear
Cities are great
Haiku is a good kind of poem

I wanted to write an acrostic on Kenneth Koch. He was one of my favorites, that's why I chose his name.

Sunday, July 06, 2003
Rose immense or plump mouth
night beside my cheek
imagine summer feel rhythm
drink myself dizzy & leave
dance weed see wait in peach
celebrate brilliant lizard of wet stone
cozy motor like carnival tingle

This is a poem of me and my dad's best lines with magnetic poetry. Dad did the first ones and I did two of the second ones in a row. It's a pattern of how we wrote the lines.

Cool blossom murmur angel sound
shall sing across America
sent puddle clock giggle
her full love bring every river
voice tiny roaring through lunch

We played this game with magnetic poetry with my dad. I did a poem like the game but by msyelf.