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My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Sunday, December 21, 2003
12 Ways of Looking at an Apple

1. When you see an apple the
skin is red.

2. I see white little pieces
of an apple that's skin is peeled.

3. There is a bite in the round
circle of the apple.

4. Some chunks are missing
with a hole like a worm went through.

5. The apple is cut in half
white in the inside red in the outside.

6. All what I can see is an apple
core left.

7. The whole apple is there but with
brown smudges on it.

8. The white pieces turn to
brown rotting down.

9. The apples in pieces with red
in the outside white inside into
five pieces.

10. The seeds are stuck shaped
like a face.

11. The apple is bitten up and
only a quarter of an apple is

12. I don't see anything exept
the stem of the apple.

Saturday, December 20, 2003
In science class we study electricity
My favorite color is purple
I just feel like I could bang on a cymbal
I see my dad wearing a black hat
with a scarf
I feel like a walrus

Dad likes a walrus
I'm bored of all this electricity
I want to be wrapped in a scarf
I eat a plum that is very purple
but where's his black hat?
Could I bang on the cymbal?

I want a cymbal
I don't like a walrus
I kind of like a black hat
I could be an eel of electricity
but not with scales that are purple
I want to be a person wrapped in scarf

I want a scarf
I'm glad my dad has a cymbal
and I'm glad the cymbal's not purple
I see a walrus
Does is have any electricity?
I take my dad's black hat

I wear his black hat
with a scarf
I don't think they have electricity
what happens if I bang on a cymbal?
without a walrus
that isn't purple

I love purple
I don't like a black hat
I kind of like a walrus
something that keeps me warm is a scarf
Dad has more than one cymbal
I like science especially electricity

I like electricity but it's not purple
I want to bang on a cymbal with a black hat
I wear a scarf but not with a walrus


I hear a really big boom
The sound is such a scare
Did I see something zoom?
That thing that zoomed is rare

I saw a big strike
It's somewhere near the city
It will be scary if you hike
I can't believe it, it's such a pity

The strike I think is lightning
Lightning scares me to death
It's like you are always fighting
My mom says, be happy like a wreath

It is a really big thunder storm
When is the storm going to form?

Saturday, December 13, 2003

There is a knight
knights are so brave
they will have to fight
what they do is save

They will save someone's life
do you know what they do to enemies?
they cut their throats with a knife
they will tie their enemies with weeds

So they will sneeze
they usually are ordered by a king
the king's so mean the knights will freeze
the king will make the knights bring a royal ring

the knights kill
it will be a big thrill


A book is fun to read
a fire of dragons will
be a fine adventure a
mountain of vultures will
be dangerous eagles of gold
will be something you want
to get before your
enemies get that special thing
honey of silver will be useful
it might heal people there are a lot
of adventures in a book

THE FOREST (pantoum)

The forest is cool
it's very hot
with animals
it is dangerous a little

it's very hot
the trees are weird
it is dangerous a little
the forest is exiting

the trees are weird
there are meat eater animals
the forest is exiting
there are also plant eaters

there are meat eater animals
there are cool monkeys
there are also plant eaters
monkeys climb trees

there are cool monkeys
you can see birds flying
monkeys climb trees
cats are cool

you can see birds flying
there are little insects
cats are cool
it is like a river in a forest floor

there are little insects
you might see fish
it is like a river in a forest floor
that's what's in the rainforest

you might see fish
the forest is cool
that's what's in the rainforest
it's very hot

Friday, December 12, 2003
Scary Books

I like books
they take you to an adventure
like fly with a bird
maybe with an eagle

they take you to an adventure
I love birds in books
maybe with an eagle
books are great

I love birds in books
it's like I am flying with a bird
books are great
you might read about a dragon

it's like I am flying with a bird
it has no fire
you might read about a dragon
it's very creepy

it has no fire
maybe a beast
it's very creepy
it is not real

maybe a beast
I like books
it is not real
like fly with a bird

Monday, December 08, 2003

I want to fly like a bird
I get information to read
I will never get disqualified
Theres nothing wrong with the principal
Until his face is green
He's so cold his cheeks are pink

Not too pink
If you do fly like a bird
The principal won't turn green
I just read
watch out here comes the principal
you might get disqualified

I don't think I will get disqualified
If I do I will turn pink
there's something wrong with the principal
I will never fly like a bird
it is just to be read
I guess the principal turned green

if he is sick he should be green
I don't have to be disqualified
So I will read
I read about roses that are pink
My favorite subject is a bird
now there's nothing wrong with the principal

I don't like the principal
he's not green
he does not care about a bird
soon I will be disqualified
I am so cold I will turn pink
I learn to see how to get warm is read

that's why I read
stay far from the principal
He's almost red mad but is medium pink
I pretend to be sick green
or I will get disqualified
nothing better than a bird

don't fly like a bird it's just to be read
if you don't want to get disqualified stay away from the principal
pretend to be green because the principal is medium pink.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I need to follow a rule
the principal will get red
the boys will turn blue
as the sea
the girls will turn silver
as a shining skin of a tiger

not exacty a tiger
if you break a rule
the principal wil not turn silver
he will be very hot, mad, red
not as the sea
that is very blue

ice is cold blue
I need a tiger
not the sea
I'm telling you don't break a rule
you'll see the principals face red
not like a coin that's silver

I like silver
the sky is blue
when will it turn red?
or the black stripes of tiger
don't break number 1 rule
rules are not about the sea

that is very right, not sea
I don't think any silver
just a plain rule
like maybe you don't paint your teacher blue
don't ride on a tiger
but that's when growups' faces are red

they're like lava they're so red
they're sick near the sea
they see a face of a tiger
how the skin is like silver
the right color is cold blue
they aren't made, you didn't break a rule

I follow a rule just so the principal won't turn red
they boys will turn blue as the blue sea
the girls will turn silver not like a tiger

Saturday, December 06, 2003

On my way to school
I saw a dolphin with
yellow eyes, blue tongue
with a red star along its
back. It seemed to hypnotize
me but then a garter snake
saved me. The garter snake had
blue eyes with a blue stripe
on its back. I touched the snake
but before me appeared a young man.
At school there was a glittering
pencil it gave all the answers to our
test and I got an A+. At recess
a big oak tree talked to me told
me about the history he was
150 years old. On my way back
from school I saw a black cat
with gold eyes it reminded me of
the pencil. It transformed into
a pencil. I picked it up so I
could share what kind of day I had.

Friday, December 05, 2003


When it's dark a big
yellow circle is in the


In the night
a half a yellow circle
is there


Still so dark
a quarter of the
moon is left


In the night you
see a dim light
behind the clouds, that
is the moon


In the night I
look in a telescope
seeing a circle covered with rocks


When there's a snow storm
when you sleep I can
see a circle unusual and with
white but really is the moon


The way to get dizzy
is you're moving in the
car but the moon follows
you trying to get the moon
to lose the car's tracks