Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Saturday, January 31, 2004

I want to be a wizard.
I'd have a wand and fill
the place with spells never
heard of. I will be in a
magical world with ghosts
flying chairs flowing rooms
glowing with light around me.
I'll face big spider and demons
make new friends will be
so great in the magical world.
This is the time to disappear
in the magical world. Oh what
do you think of it?

Friday, January 30, 2004

Yurch Yurch you are so
mean let us go. We are
trapped don't shoot arrows
at us because Legolas will
kill you. Who cares we will
shoot him before he shoots
his arrows. We will smash you
gnash you and roast you and toast
you. Now there is nothing to
do. You're wrong Gandalf is
here he will cast a spell on you. We will
put a fire and surround you
and pretty soon you'll be dead meat.
Frodo will kill you with his
sword sting and Aragorn with a
sword will attack with Frodo
and help us. There while we
argued we escaped with Gandalf's
help. Ha ha we escaped without
harm Yurch and you'll never catch us.

EXPLANATION: I got this idea about the poem from The Lord of the Rings. In case you don't know Yurch means Orc in the Elvish language. I am reading The Lord of the Rings and got very interested in it. My dad told me you could write something about you talking to a creature. All of a sudden I thought of The Lord of the Rings. I first thought of Gollum but then thought of Orcs.

Saturday, January 24, 2004
E is black T is grey Y is yellow
p is red and L is orange

E and T is when it is a dark
black night when you are in the graveyard you
see grey gravestones when a black
dark volcano's there with grey ashes coming
out and dark ravens fly that remind you of

Y is when there is a sunny day
with yellow daisies and then it gets
darker when you see a cat's glowing

P and L is when you take a bite
from an apple and you throw the
core away a curious orange tiger wants
to see what it is the tiger was
bleeding I was peeling an orange
and I put my lipstick on

E, T, Y, and P is when it is a
night when there are stones and
when I see a raven it reminds
me of death but I see a cat's
yellow glowing eyes its gives
me a shiver I can still smell the red
apples and feel my bleeding knee
and last is L is when there
is a burst of orange sunlight
so I can see the world clearly

Friday, January 23, 2004

I am a pencil who has a very
poor life. I am used by
a writer who seems like he
writes a word every minute in his
life. I expected to grow taller
but he peels my skin to only make
my point sharper. He scribbles
dark words with me when he
presses me on the white thing.
I have a friend, pen. He is more
luckier than me. He has a
cap to protect himself. It is
time to get killed. He is coming
to write with me. I know it
I know it. Oh I wish I
was forgotten and never been


With my powerful eyes
I can see things fly

They are birds who
fly day and night

Like a crow as black as
a witch's hat

There might be a cardinal
as red as the sunset

I hear a robin tweeting really
soft as a cricket's chirp

I see a blue jay that blends
in the sky in the early morning

I see eyes of an owl with
its mouth saying hoot hoot like
a ghost

Far beyond in the dark there
is a raven that represents death

A hen is making a cockle-doodle-doo
like someone crazy on the farm

In the night my eyes need to
rest before I can see
birds flying day and

Sunday, January 18, 2004

I like playing sports
I really like playing a sport
Now I am here, sitting on the porch

I might skin my knee
I might have skinned my knee
I skinned my knee as you can see

My scratch is so red
My scratch is really red
Oh, I must be put to bed

I'm so mad
I'm so mad
I hate this rash

I feel so poor
I feel too poor
Oh my gosh, my knee is so sore

Friday, January 16, 2004

I like dreams
that is really fun
dreams make me so cheerful
they even calm me down

that is very fun
I've dreamed about things
they even calm me down
I dreamed I could fly

I dreamed about things
and having an adventure
I dreamed I could fly
I dreamed I could fly in an adventure

and having an adventure
an adventure with cool harmless creatures
I dreamed I could fly in an adventure
that adventure would be so fun

and adventure with cool harmless creatures
creatures I see are cool
that would be so fun
can you imagine that!

creatures I see are cool
the creatures might have two heads with scales and tentacles
can you imagine that!
oh, I wish these dreams were real

The creatures might have two heads with scales and tentacles
I like dreams
oh, I wish these dreams were real
dreams make me so cheerful

Thursday, January 15, 2004

pig oh pig, how much do you
eat? I am asking this because
my mom said I eat like a pig.
Well we eat a lot like 20 pounds.
How come you like the mud.
It is so squishy and it feels good
in the mud. Pig,how did your skin
get so pink? Because that is the col-
or of ham and hotdogs. Thanks pig
but get away from me. You stink.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

How did your legs get so hairy?

It grew to keep us warm and to help
us climb trees.

What do you do all day long?

We crack nuts and take care of our kids
and climb trees all day long oh little

Would you like to live in the zoo or
do you want to stay in the wild?

I want to stay in the wild because
freedom is better than living in a little

What is your favorite thing about being
a gorilla?

A gorilla is a gorilla.
I just like being a gorilla. Oh little
one let's go close the curtains and fall

[My dad wrote the questions, I wrote the answers]

I am a Viper

I am a snake at the zoo
I got trapped in a cage and now I
am doomed. When I stare at those
living things I feel like I
could crush them to pieces but
this glass is hard to break through.
When people come to feed me I try
to grab at them but I'm too
slow. Oh my fat yellow skin
slows me down, but I might
have another chance to destroy
these people into pieces and
here it is. Hee Hee Ha Ha.

Monday, January 05, 2004
Big Eagle

In San Diego at the zoo there was a very big eagle that is a carnivore. It was as big as half of a door. It eats monkeys and birds. The eagle is very strong and can grab a creature on a tree with its talons. It was very impressive.