Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

1. First you hear
Twinkle twinkle little
star that makes people calm down

2. All of a sudden the
piano plays Mary Had a
Little Lamb while kids dance around

3. Lullabies fill the room
with peace like a dove
fluttering over the air

4. Next a song called
Over the Rainbow is played
with kids listening with
wonder in their eyes

5. You can hear a Rock and
Roll beat filling the
room now and people sing with
the beat

6. When kids watch Sesame
Street they hear the back-ground
and that is a piano playing

7. People hear the Hokey Pokey
and they shake themselves into
the music

8. Country music begins
with playing notes together
making a beat while a band
plays with you

9. Then you hear the Boogie
on the piano all of the sudden
people dance wildly

10. I can hear Thelonious
Monk play Bemsha Swing
and that is the name of my dad's blog

11. You can hear me play Ding
Dong Bell that cheers you up

12. Someone is playing the
piano side to side lowest
to highest notes and that is
not good for the piano

13. Beethoven's song is what
I hear and it sounds like
Beethoven's Fifth

14. A love song is being played
so softy

15. Take me out to the Ball
Game is being played

16. The Christmas carol is playing
Jingle Bells that makes people

17. I heard someone play
If She Comes Around the
Mountain and little kids cheering
and yelling

18. It's someone's birthday and
I hear someone play
Happy Birthday with
kids saying Cha! Cha! Cha!
between the music

19. Last of all is when
all the music is played together
to make a sad and happy or mad
song together


First in my dream I
was in Canary Islands with
my Aunt, Uncle, and Mattie and
Erica, who were my cousins.
We decided to explore the
volcano. The volcano was active.
We went in the volcano
and fell through trap doors and
finding rooms. There were scrolls
wrinkled that almost fell apart.
I was ten with a pocket
knife and carved tunnels. We
were trapped in the volcano.
Before my dream could be continued
I heard my mom yell Julia!
We need to go to the market!
I opened my eyes really disappointed.
I was in the best part
of my dream. Darn it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I am very sorry
that I broke your computer
The computer didn't break to
pieces, I just put a magnet
near the computer

which you were going to
use for your work.

I couldn't help it, I wanted
to play all these fun games.
You have to play them when
you get a new computer. Have
a fun time playing, I mean, working.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I am a Dove that represents
the opposite of a raven. I stand
for peace, my skin is so white,
girls admire me. What's the big
fuss about how I look? I always
wonder about that question.
I fly up high, I always
worry someone will shoot me.
I have a lucky life. I am
harmless as can be, because I am
full of peace.

Monday, February 02, 2004

I like color
color is never dangerous
if only I had wings
I could get through a maze
I could fly like an eagle
it seems so magical

This world seems magical
magic does not have color
colors are on an eagle
eagles aren't dangerous
I work too much it seems like a maze
if only I had wings

I love wings
they seem so magical
it would be easy to get through a maze
I am full of color
wings feel kind of dangerous
like a wing of an eagle

I don't have to have wings of an eagle
I could have different wings
they wouldn't be dangerous
just a little magical
with a lot of color
it still feels like I'm in a maze

I don't like to be in a maze
I might be an eagle
with a lot of color
but most of all I want wings
they seem so magical
it won't be too dangerous

If I was an eagle it would be more dangerous
I'm tired of this maze
I love being magical
I don't want to be an eagle
could I ever have wings
as long as there is color

I need color anyway it's not dangerous
if I had luck and had wings I could escape from a maze
I don't want to be an eagle how could I control myself it's magical.