Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Dog, dog how did you
get a nose that can smell
things so good? Is it because
a wizard cast a spell on you?

Dog, how did you get so
much hair? Is it because
you glued hair from people?

Anyway, why is your nose black
and not purple, green, blue, and
other different colors? Did you get splashed
by black paint? Why? Why?
Why can't you tell me anything?

Friday, November 19, 2004

I wish I could have a
chocolate of peanut butter,
I can hear the crunches and
see the brown color like
when I am making dirt
and i use it as chocolate pudding!

I wish I could own
a bookstore of books,
hear the flipping pages
and see the people whispering
like at an assembly
when we are becoming quiet
and you can only hear whispering.

My wish is to have a chocolate of peanut
butter while owning a bookstore
of books and a room of games
while hearing crunches, flipping pages,
and weird sound effects from games
and seeing brown candy, whispering
and games (board games and so on)
is like me being as happy as possible!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Knack for poetry
Natural talent
Elated about poetry
Tremendous, terrific
Hard to match

Knowledgeable about rhythm
Ode is not what he writes that much
Communicates well with children
Hypnotizes kids with his imagination.


Empty head
Obtuse and offensive
Rude rogue
Eliminate him!

Weapons of mass destruction not found!

Unjust war
Shudder to think about him!
Harmful to the entire world!

This is an acrostic about how horrible Bush is for the world.


Cackles a lot
Agreeable in class
Reasonable in his expectations
Lively and likeable
Esoteric and essential
Smart as a squid

Cheerful and civilized
Outrageous, open-minded
Respectful and responsible
Original in teaching

This poem is an acrostic that spells out my teacher's name.


A long time ago dogs used to talk
but one day people were playing
with a broken radio that made
barking noises the dog thought that was
bark on a tree and the dog
lunged for the radio and swallowed
it and only barks came out
of its mouth and other dogs are
like that!

Monday, November 15, 2004

There used to be
only one tree.
There was a storm.
It was so muddy the
water was brown
and the tree drank
it and it turned
brown because of
the muddy water.


Cats didn't have whiskers
a long time ago.
One day a cat was
watching girls playing a
game with a plastic string.
The cat thought it was
food and tried to take
the string but it got stuck
in its face and the cats
have whiskers now.


I go to the zoo and
look at a tiger.
Kids are crowding around
the cage including me!
This tiger is great
the way the fur glistens
in the sunlight and
when it gets wet the
fur is smooth and when
the tiger shakes his body
it seems like sparks are
coming from his (or her) fur
Look at his eyes so
attentive of what is
going on and when he (or she)
sees his (her) prey he (or she) pounces
with the strong legs
in an appealing way that
makes your mouth hang
open so amazed you can
hardly move! You can see
stripes on the tiger in
a weird pattern. There are
such wonderful colors, when
they are combined together
they create this weird image.
When the tiger runs it seems
like a blur. One thing real
cool are their teeth, so shiny
and sharp they seem like glitter
there are so many you will
be amazed and look at your
teeth in the mirror and see
if your teeth are like the tiger's
teeth. When they jump you can
see their claws so sharp like
the teeth you will probably
never cut your nails to see
if they will get sharp.
The claws are not too big
and not too small and don't
have so much fur. When you
see a tiger it will be
the best time of your


The Tigris River reminds me of a tiger who runs along the river

The Ganges River reminds me of Huckleberry sneaking out to
his gang and playing tricks at night

The Darling River reminds me of my Mom calling me darling
when I do something good

The Mackenzie River reminds me of macaroni and cheese,
my favorite food

The Missouri river reminds me of where I live.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

It has just stopped raining
I go outside. Yuck says
Mom. Cool I say. Don't you
see how wonderful this is.
You can see this cool brown
color, it's so shiny. When
you touch this you feel
this very smooth and gooey
sensation and it makes you
relax. There is one
question I want to ask.
Why doesn't anybody like
this wonderful mud puddle?


Kandinsky's painting that I see is
like a big river
with swirls ready to suck
you in and it is also like
there is a bat ready
to catch a fish in a middle
of a hurricane and also
like a mouse running
with a knife right behind
it with pots and pans and
different objects that you
use in the kitchen.


I love playing my trumpet
and also soccer
but I am on crutches
I have allergies and my face is red
That's one thing that's not amazing
I take the elevator at school

people treat me different at school
I miss lessons for playing the trumpet
but taking the elevator at school is amazing
since I have crutches I can't play soccer
at least my crutches aren't red
my arm is very tired because of crutches

but there are many advantages about crutches
like taking the elevator at school
I get to write with a pen that is red
a friend can carry my trumpet
and there still isn't any soccer
it is kind of amazing

but it isn't amazing
especially my crutches
we lost the game in soccer
I'm always bored in school
no trumpet!
my injuries aren't so red

but my clothes are red
it isn't amazing
I still like trumpet
I might stop having crutches
I'm going to school
our team still lost soccer

I'm one of the best players in soccer
I own a soccer ball that is not red
there are problems in school
my bad luck is not amazing
I don't like crutches
and I miss playing trumpet

trumpet is great and so is soccer
I am on crutches that are not red
amazing luck at school


This poem is true!


the very delicate tree
a hurricane is here
hear the rustling leaves

the cracker in my hand
I drop it
the crunchy sound


I stole your diary and
looked at it

you were probably going
keep your secrets forever

Forgive me
your secrets so wonderful
I just could not stop reading