Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Friday, December 31, 2004

I am a porcupine which most
people are afraid of. Once I
almost got ran over
by a car but I was so short
so the car ran right over me
but I was not hurt. Some
people try touch me but
they are too scared. One day
there was man, somebody else
called him Jonathan Mayhew
and a little girl behind him
that looked Chinese. He lost
his balance and landed on me and
on his chin were some of my
spikes. That also happened to
my ancestors one of them ran
into somebody named John Muir.
He did not shave and more
grew but more soft. That happens
all the time and I hate it. Oh
no! That guy is losing
his balance. Not again, OW.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hundreds of years ago there was no
hot chocolate, one day somebody
was eating chocolate with hot water
he dropped the chocolate in the
water and did not even notice,he
shook the water so it would cool
down and started to drink and it
tasted like chocolate he called it
hot chocolate and we still have hot


I sit at my desk doing homework,
What is five to the seventh power
or three to the fifth power, I asked
myself, but all of a sudden a
telescope appeared and I decided
to have a quick glance, I peered in
and WOW! There were big sky-
scrapers everywhere and unusual
creatures, they looked like animals
from the future, for some wierd
reason everything was floating in
the air exept the buildings,the
clothes were totally wierd! There
was an ocean, people were
surfing on boards but there was
a paddle with their boards, the
airplanes were much more small
and there were new flavors of ice
cream, yikes, I turned the telescope
accidentally and there was a different
city in planet Locuda I would call
it! There were supposed to be horrible
monsters everywhere. People dressed
in the same clothes while running.
Some people held sticks (looked like wands)
and robes with a hat shaped as the
trash can we have in our house
with fancy string on it.
Lights were coming out of their
sticks like lightening zapping
the monsters, oops. I turned the
telescope again. There was a big
computer, people were jumping on it.
I would call this city the technology
center. Mini robots looked like
a mailman. It would stop by people
and hand a package to them and
go to another person. Each letter
on the colossal computer looked like
an office for a person. The weird
people with sticks and a robe would
appear and jump into a letter or button
on the computer. "Julia! Julia! Julia!
Finish your math homework," my Mom
yelled, and all of a sudden the telescope
disappeared and back to my boring

Monday, December 20, 2004

In Boulder, there is a danced called
the ascending mountain dance

All what you have to do is put on your ropes, you have to do this dance. You have to get ready to climb. There is a helicopter beneath you if you are not an expert. Hop with one foot while your other foot is scratching your itch on your head while arms are by your side and do a flip in the same position and shake your body like the whole ocean is in your body then the foot you are not hopping on and do your hair. One of your arms will untie the rope and untwist your body so you will land on the helicopter. I warned you that only experts should do this dance! Now I have to call the hospital.


Tigers jumping up and down
tigers chasing butterflies
tigers growling at me
tigers doing a backflip
tigers helping the sick

tigers eating chocolate cooks
tigers deciding what outfit to wear
tigers tucking their cubs into bed
tigers doing a crossword puzzle like my dad
tigers teaching poetry

tigers are going crazy
tigers are gaping over the world
tigers blowing in a trumpet
tigers just learned to ride a bike

tigers chasing their tails
tigers smoking a lot
tigers getting revenge on evil glimpses
tigers watching their favorite tv show
tigers blowing away the sun so they can sleep!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

I am a bag,filled with dirty
garments and when people
pick me up I feel like I am
going to split in half,little
people as big as me
stick their head in,yuck!
Their breath smells bad.
When big people come
they pull away little people
I think you call them bubies
or bibies or babies or
something like that,oh no!
I see bibies or babies in front
of me,Is there a nose plug?

Sunday, December 05, 2004

J is orange, U is black,
L is blue, I is brown
and A is red.

J is when you are in the
car and when you look in the
sky the clouds look orange and
the fire which seems like the
dragon's flames right above
my head!

U and L is when you see the
blue sky when a panther is behind
a bush ready to pounce or a crow
and the ocean and it is a
leopard shark with black spots
and I swim ashore and find my dad's black

I is when I am in a ship with
brown wood and I see a a storm and
the clouds are brown when I fall
in a puddle of mud and the
captain is drinking coffee

A is when you are angry your
cheeks turn red like the blood
of a warrior who had a red
shiny shield the color of

J, U, L, I, and A is
when you see the flames of the
dragon and the black panther under
the blue sky on a ship and
the warrior holds up his
red shield to defend himself
from the panther and all those
together are the colors of letters
and the world.


Once upon a time
dragons had no flames
but one day a whole army
of dragons were attacking
people. They all charged
gulp and they all swallowed
a bomb and there was fire
in their body and their
bodies were so hot the
fire never went out
and whenever they blow
really hard there is a

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I am in a plane
If I could only meet Mark Twain
He is dead, but the grass is still green
If I could see Louis Braille
He is dead, but I cannot fly like a bird
If I could only run

You will see how fast I run
But I am in a boring plane
I don't see a single bird
And no book to read about Mark Twain
Or a journal to write poems about Louis Braille
And I can't write about the color green

My journal was green
I can not run
To see Louis Braille
But all I can do is sit on a plane
With not a single book by Mark Twain
I want to be a bird

Oh, there is one bird
And there is a guy with his hair dyed green
He is not like Mark Twain
That guy is about to run
All round the plane
Wait he isn't, I must be blind like Louis Braille

If only I saw Louis Braille
One thing bad about being a bird
Is when you crash into a plane
There's nothing green
I just need to run
And get exercise like Mark Twain

Plane is where I am and I can't see Mark Twain
Green the grass is and no Louis Braille
Bird is what I see, if only I could run

Friday, December 03, 2004

My dad got his spiky beard
because he ran into a porcupine
some of the bristles got
stuck in his chin and now
whenver he shaves the
bristles grow back on his

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I am a crow, there is this person
who seems to talk to me. First he called me
lopsided, but then he called me bold heart.
I was so happy I did a flip in the air, OUCH!
I am missing my left claw, it hurts a lot.
A dragon bit it off, well, I think this boy
is a skald (bard). I follow him. He is on
a quest and doesn't want me to come. Humph,
I am very brave. Why do you think I'm called
bold heart? Well, this boy is here, yikes!
I shouldn't have come, there's a Jotun and
a troll right in front of me. Flap, flap flap!

Explanation: I have read a book called
"The Sea of Trolls." A skald is another way of saying
bard in Northmen language. A Jotun is a creature who
freezes people to death and are very deadly, and trolls
are just as dangerous. Jack is the name of the person
and the crow is a character who is Jack's companion on
his quest.