Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Something is collosal
It is not the stain of ink
Nor the water in the giant fountain
However, it is not vile
It is a deer
Its skin is kind of mahogany

But the nose is not mahogany
The deer's body is collosal
I can see the deer
On my hand is a lot of ink
It looks too vile
All I do is wash off in the fountain

The deer will drink out of the fountain
A part of it is mahogany
Not a bit vile
But very collosal
I've got off the ink
Now it's time to get the deer

I will find the deer
It is not near the fountain
And will stay away from ink
The log is mahogany
It is not collosal
I do not want to be vile

The deer is not vile
I know where I can find that deer
The deer is collosal
And I know it is not near the fountain
The log is really mahogany
So I can not use ink

I will wait for the deer near the log and hide the ink
Hopefully that is not vile
The skin is so mahogany
Wait, I've caught the deer
Let it go and drink in the fountain
The deer sure is collosal

That deer was collosal now with no ink
I will leave the fountain that is not vile
I like that deer, the skin so mahogany.