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My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Explanation: I started to get interested in this flarf business, so I decided I would write flarf too. This is my first poem of flarf.

A Surprise (flarf!)

Squirrel Fred puts on
his slippers for the
acrobatic never knowing
carnival. He makes
a banana for his
crazy baby baboon nana
a shrilly crilly absolutely
mystery of the nana
who thinks her breakfast
needs some coconut oil.
She needs chili but
Fred goes to the carnival
on his extra large bucket
of gas thinking he could
drive himself. First
comes a clammy crafty
clown with a chocolate
cookie including clammy
custard challenge
and charity koalas
coming toward me.
Next come the tamer
of tearing treacherous tarantulas
with a tutu and
with sauce from Tokyo.
He dance daring and
dramatic ballet from
Ethiopia. We tried
texmo terrrific tomato
juice for sale only
6,000 dollars each.
They found in the
trash can containing
tomato sauce it
was horrible so
they shot the sauce
so it landed on the
crazy baboon nana who was cranky.
She said for cranky
crabs' sake tomatoes are
for those tearing tutu
tarantulas. She threw
the tomato into the
blushing pig's pen ready
to prepare their dinner.
The pigs ate the sauce
Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!
The manager or messenger
heard it thinking it was
a nice son so he
sang Oh Yeah! (pig) Gulp
Gulp! (Manager). I got
the beat! (pig) Gulp! Gulp!
Gulp! I'm tight dudes! Gulp!
Oh yeah! boo ya! Gulp!
Gulp! Come see me, I got
the beat! Gulp! Creatures
did come. The ferocious
famous fabulous frantic family of
farting bears came. Crafty
comic coke crickets came.
Also the exciting experienced
explored escaping elephants
came. (Singing starts again)
Gulp! I'm tight man!
Gulp! Gulp! I've got the
beat to the music.
Oh yeah! Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!
The pigs stopped eating.
The manager said,
I sing good!
Oh yeah! yeah! yeah!
I I I I I I I got the beat!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

I like gold
Gold might be in an apple
that wouldn't be too horrible
It would be amazing
like there is a ghost
It would make me smile

I like to smile
If there is gold
I don't need a Ghost
I just want a golden Apple
Would it be amazing?
That would not be horrible

I'll tell you a story that is horrible
I'll tell you a part that might make you smile
I think it is amazing
It is about gold
A real golden apple
Everyone wanted the apple,but thought it was a Ghost

It was not a Ghost
It was a Godess who did something horrible
There was a beauty contest and someone threw an apple
It made people smile
because the apple was made out of gold
It was weird and amazing

way to amazing
was that a Ghost?
a Ghost of gold
People had a lot of fights and it was horrible
That was a time when no one was smiling
I can't tell you the rest about this Golden apple

This story is from Greek Mythology about the apple
If you think this story is amazing
Check it out and you will smile
This story is not about a ghost
This story is a little horrible
With a lot of gold

I like gold even if it's in an apple
This story is horrible but still amazing
like there is a ghost that has a smile

I am still thinking about Dracula,the person.I had to sleep with garlic in my bed room.
I kept on falling of my bed.When I woke up I was of my bed.Fortunutely I was the same
person and not Dracula.

Saturday, March 13, 2004
This is a poem about a nightmare I had after I read a frightening and horrible book called Dracula. Dracula was actually a good book but it was horrible what it was about.

My Nightmare

I had a dream someone, someone really scary came and my face was pale and white as a sheet. The person behind me was Dracula! Two scars like a cross were on my neck. I kicked and ran. Julia, my mom said, stop kicking me. I woke up and saw my mom and said sorry. I fell back asleep and Dracula appeared in my mind. I wore garlic all around me. Dracula could turn into a black wolf and a bat. He crashed through the window and I lost my garlic. He drank my blood and went off. The three ladies with fang looking teeth and white all over. They argued who would get to suck my blood first. I kept on getting weaker and weaker. Jonathan tried to comfort me who was my dad. Just so you know there is a real Jonathan in Dracula who is a character. I ran and kicked. Julia, my mom said, stop kicking me. My mom was awake. I fell back asleep and dreamed more. I finally died with white fangs on me and I turned into a vampire. I was in a coffin in day. There were people around me. One person with a pointed stick ready to jab at my heart and they did. I was dead and the last Dracula to be killed. I was happy to be killed because I did not like to be a vampire.

Thursday, March 11, 2004
I am a computer and life is
a little bad and a little good.
The good thing is that I can
play games the bad thing is
when these grownups type
too much I always have a
stomach ache. Children play
games, but they're not good
at it and lose the game and I
fell horrible! please don't lose a
game so fast I'm going to play
a game,but never,never,never,
never,never, never,never,never,
ever, ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,
ever,ever dare to bother me.hmmph

Monday, March 08, 2004

I am very happy
I am not pale and white
I'm just a dog
sitting by a tree
I think sitting by a tree is fun
I want to be rich with money

I love money
that's how I get happy
Oh, my life is so fun
I'm never pale and white
but once I was sitting by a tree
There was a horned-collar dog

It was a bloodhound dog
It had an enormous bone that costs a lot of money
I stood there paralyzed on the tree
For some reason the dog was happy
All I was was a dog with his white face
I knew that dog was having fun

I was not having fun
I was a poor little dog
just pale and white
not with any money
and not very happy
stuck to a tree

I was too frightened to move away from the tree
Would you call this fun?
Would this be the last dog not happy?
No way, I'm just a dog
I'm a failure without money
That was when I was pale and white

I hate being pale and white
So here I am near a tree
without money
This is the time when I have fun
I'm not a poor little dog
I am myself and no matter how I act I will be happy.

I am very happy and not pale and white
I am a dog who likes a tree
I like when life is fun with some money.

Sunday, March 07, 2004
Dictionaries is what she uses
Options between dfferent forms of writing at writing
Never give up is what she says
Nice is how she acts
An apple is a healthy snack, that's what she always says

Kidding around sometimes happens
Never play tricks on her
Especially when it is time for school work
Intensive to her when she teaches
Bawling is not good for her so don't do it
Escape her by being good
Really believe me
Thieves never lurk near her class

In case you don't know, Donna Kneibert is my 3rd-grade teacher. And not all these things are exactly true about.