Eagle's Wing

My name is Julia and I am 10 years old. I write poetry and other creative writings.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Silas, his name is red, like
apples and strawberries, his name
is like sugar,
it's like roses growing
out of green grass and
butterflies with cool patterns.

His name is valuable
as gold, tall
as a mountain, beautiful as
a rainbow.

The name
is like a blanket wrapping
around you, it's appealing as
ice cream, like the fall.

It's like the world all around
you, I'd call it one of the
best names. Silas.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Snakes used to be
sea creatures with
a lot of legs, then
Neptune created a
tsunami, so powerful,
it washed away all the
snakes' legs and the snakes
landed on the land and
the snakes still live the
same way, on the land
with NO legs.


Octopuses did not have
ink, but one day Bacchus
spilled wine on all
the octopuses, and Neptune
was excited and the waves
were strong, so strong they
blew the wine into all the
octopuses and the wine
looked like ink. Whenever
the octopus is in danger, wine
comes out, but people call it


A long time ago dogs did
not have tails, one day a
dog sat on a branch, then
the branch got stuck. A
week later the stick became
a part of the dogs body
and got softer and that
happenned to all the other
dogs too.

Monday, May 16, 2005
How old is my canoe?
echo: new

How should I meet that I know?
echo: Bo.

What should I do, I just made a mistake?
echo: ache.

What should I use, I just broke the law?
echo: saw.

Or should I confess?
echo: yes.

Should I jump out the window?
echo: no.

echo: Bye.


Applaud for sports like volleyball,
soccer, swimming and much more. Applaud
for soccer, when you score a goal,
volleball, when you get points, swimming
that's relaxing and cools you down,
football when you score touchdowns,
baseball when you hit homeruns,
archery when you get bull's-eyes,
gymnastics that's fun, challenging
and energetic, tennis which makes
you active, badminton when you start
being quick. Lacrosse that makes
you run a lot, golf that helps you aiim,
martial arts which makes you tough,
hockey that's amusing, snowboarding
when you learn tricks, canoeing
for strong arms, track and field
for those who are strong and
fast, and basketball for people
with endurance. Applaud for
sports like all the ones I
mentioned and get prizes, medals, and

Sunday, May 15, 2005

When Dedalus and Icarus were trying
to escape from Minos, Minos knew
what they were up to, Venus, the god of
love helped him and told him what to do, so when Dedalus
and Icarus were flying, Minos threw a
golden apple and Icarus chased the apple
into sea and drowned, then Dedalus named
the sea after his son.


About 1 million years ago, the
earth was one piece but one
day Zeus, the god of sky, got
angry at someone. He threw
his thunderbolts as hard as
he could but always missed that
person and he hit the earth instead,
so hard, there was a crack in
the earth, he kept on
doing that and the pieces of earth
floated away to different parts
of the earth. Today, those pieces
of land are in the same
place and we call them continents.

Saturday, May 14, 2005
So much relies

on a picture


stains of coffee on it

deep in the forest

surrounded by animals

Have you seen a fox
alive and made of gold?
That's pretty outlandish.
What about a pillow
made out of lemonade
for the fox, who's very smart,

really smart,
not like a normal fox,
a fox like lemonade
made of gold,
not like a pillow
but smart and outlandish.

The fox is too outlandish,
very smart,
smarter than a human, stronger than a pillow.
I wouldn't call it a fox.
I'd call it gold,
1,000 times better than lemonade.

I like lemonade
but it isn't as outlandish
as a fox made of gold,
a fox that is smart,
a fox
comfy as a pillow,

stronger than a pillow.
Not like lemonade
always weak, but a gold fox.
Isn't that outlandish?
The fox is smart
so always trust a fox made of gold.

It is gold
unlike a pillow
very smart
not lemonade
very outlandish
a gold fox.

Trust me, there is a fox made out of gold.
Of course it's outlandish, like a fancy pillow.
It's not like lemonade but that fox is smart.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I am a bouncy ball who's had
a lot of adventures and has been
in many hands. I'm made
of rubber and have a lot of
colors on me. Whenever somebody
drops me I will always bounce
back into their hands. One
thing for sure, I'm glad I
am not afraid of heights!

Moms are like rainbows,
especially mine. They are
remarkable, amazing and they remind
me of an ice-cream store but
my mom makes me think of an
ice cream store that is bigger
than earth and my mom is
the sunshine, always on the
bright side. She is like
a shield never letting me be
bored. Best of all she is like a
little heart always liking you.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Eel, oh eel, how did you get that long, thin body?
Was there a pencil and somebody transformed the pencil
into you? How can you move so quick? Is it because
you're scared of something and can't keep still?
Tell me your secrets and I will tell you some of
mine. Trust me, eel.

The Lamp

The rusty lamp looks good
even though it's all black.
It's bumpy and rough and it feels
good, for me at least.
It doesn't work, but I don't care.
I just love this rusty, black,
bumpy lamp. Someday you will understand.